Top Guidelines For 2015 On Locating Central Issues Of Shopping Sites

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Imax Image copyright Imax Image caption Imax cameras have been used on Dunkirk, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Beauty and the Beast among other films In addition, Imax offers software to convert footage shot with normal cinema cameras, and has developed a proprietary sound system for its theatres. It faces competition from other large-screen formats including Dolby Cinema, RealD Luxe and an in-house effort from AMC. Marvel exclusive To help distinguish itself, Imax recently announced plans to start screening original content unavailable elsewhere. Image copyright Marvel Image caption The first two episodes of The Inhumans have been filmed with Imax digital cameras The first "exclusive" is a deal to show the first two episodes of a forthcoming Marvel TV show - The Inhumans - in September, several weeks before they come to television. "Other companies like HBO went from Hollywood-content only to original programming," Mr Gelfond explained. "We're following in those footsteps and thinking: why not bring a great original content experience at a slower time of the year?" In addition, Imax recently launched a standalone virtual reality centre in Los Angeles and will shortly open different versions of the concept attached to cinemas in New York and London. Members of the public pay to try out short experiences using StarVR headsets, which offer a wider field-of-view than rival tech. The firm already offers content linked to the movies John Wick, Star Wars and The Walk, and has struck a deal with Warner Bros to create new experiences based on its DC superhero films. Image copyright Imax Image caption Imax's range of VR content includes Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, in which players wield lightsabers Mr Gelfond said he hoped that this would attract Millennials - those born after mid-1990 - who had proved harder to attract to cinemas than older age groups.