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Bing Video Games Multi-Perspective Answers Over two decades ago, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates had a vision where computers could one day “see, hear, talk, and understand human beings.” Significant innovations in computing have been made since then. The advent of cloud computing, powerful algorithms, and big data helped make artificial intelligence a reality today. What Is AI & Why Should Search Marketers Care? Essentially, we learn and use technology and, in return, technology learns us and discovers ways to be helpful (i.e., answering, coordinating, listening, observing and anticipating). Marketers should care about AI because search is becoming more intelligent through it. For instance, at Microsoft, Bing is a big source of their AI data and it makes all their other offerings a lot better. In return, this AI goes and feeds the search engine to make it smarter. Until recently, a search engine’s job was all about indexing information that existed on the web, organizing it, and then bringing it up when people typed in their query. Through advances in AI such as natural language understanding and machine reading comprehension, we now see that search engines are able to somehow understand the context of the data, as well as the entities and the relationships between the entity. This means the search engine is not just indexing, it is also able to reason over all of the content on the web. A good example of this is Bing’s Multi-Perspective Answers , a fairly new intelligent search feature powered by AI.

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